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Our Services

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We offer you solutions in the printing and branding world. We create new technologies as well as innovative solutions applicable to both product and services. Your project can be big or small, stand-alone, government generated or from corporate organizations. We have capable hands to offer solutions to all the needs you might have with swift and accurate delivery timelines.

What We Do

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We provide stand-out rated content development – whatever the project is: we help with devising relevant and strategic ideas [read more] that would advance the brand goals of our clients, put them ahead of their competition and bring the spotlight, to beam on them. Our branding modules include for brand identity, positioning, strategic campaigns/promotions, product commercials, business portfolios/cases etc. [/read]

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers combines excellent creative efforts to interpret and translate the concepts of our clients [read more] no matter how complex or urgent. We work through the abstracts to concrete themes, to bring to life vivid imagination and deliver standout imageries, that best captures and portrays client’s concepts in most definitive and contemporary manner. [/read]

Digital Printing

We are a front liner in the world of digital printing: whether it is large format prints, books, journals, [read more] reports, security printing etc., for individuals or corporate bodies, we are there to deliver happy values and satisfied outcomes to our teaming clientele from diverse industries and walks of life, at pocket friendly prices, standout value and global best practice.[/read]

Large Format

Using some of the fastest and highest resolution wide format printing equipment, we ensure best quality printing of highly [read more] durable all-weather flex and vinyl for indoor/outdoor signage production, displays and billboards. [/read]

Security Printing

We are well equipped and professionally sound to undertake printing and production of security and confidential materials with [read more] embedded special features both visible and hidden to void counterfeiting. Production of Examination Question Papers, Security Report, Annual Reports, Answer Sheets, Certificates, Vehicle License, Election Ballot Papers, Tickets etc. While maintaining our unbeatable record of timely delivery, we treat every client's job with utmost confidentiality, secured by production control mechanism. [/read]

After-Sale Services

Pixar Brand Limited is more than a vendor to its customers and clients, we consider ourselves business partners [read more] and stakeholders, as such we provide first-class after-sale services to meet client demands / needs and sustain the business relationship. [/read]


We partner with clients to provide out-of-the-box cutting edge campaigns to launch, promote or revamp their brands and strategically [read more] advance their market position and profitability. We provide both outdoor and electronic media campaign services, to deliver on campaign goals. [/read]


The possibilities for signage are limited only by imaginations. There are new innovations that have been thought out [read more] by great minds and we help bring them to live as signage. Ranging from outdoor flags, tags, window graphic and decals, 3D acrylics, billboard etc. [/read]

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